The Police The Police Department is a nationwide organization, whose mission is to remove police officers from police forces who are white supremacist and who brutalize and murder unarmed, compliant, African Americans.

We are a Citizen Rapid Response Team against police brutality! We are here to hold police accountable when doing their job to make sure they don’t violate anyone’s civil rights or abuse anyone in the course of a traffic stop or something. By arriving at the customer’s scene right away we hope to combat and prevent these acts of violence, by being videotaping every minute of an encounter with police. By doing this, we can win the war against police brutality and the killing of unarmed African Americans.

A Movement to Fight For Equality, Liberty, and Justice

Black people in California are stopped far more often by police, major study proves Statistics, which come from largest-ever dataset compiled about US police stops, lend support to minority groups who have long complained about biased policing. Black people in California were stopped by police officers much more frequently than other racial groups in 2018, and police were more likely to use force against them, new statistics from eight large law enforcement agencies in the state reveal. Read more >

The Los Angeles Police The Police Department is a nationwide organization bent on holding police accountable for brutalizing and killing American citizens especially unarmed African Americans.

We are also here to proactively try to prevent these killings by being present at as many police stops involving American, mostly African Americans. Our headquarters is in Los Angeles, California.

Every PTP Department in every city will have the following:

  1. A Chief
  2. Assistant Chief
  3. PTP Officers
  4. Investigators

Every PTP Department in every city will have what we call a PTP Department Chief. The Department Chief will have an assistant Chief. PTPD Chiefs will run the department. They will hire, fire, reprimand officers, review officer submitted videos of possible Police brutality and be the conduit between their chapter and our headquarters location in Los Angeles. If there is a case to be made for Police brutality the PTPD Chief will forward the file to their in-house Investigator to start the proceedings against the officer or officers. Investigator will then review file and will make an attempt to meet with the local Chief of POLICE to submit our findings against his officer and the Investigator will demand that the officer be reprimanded, fired or charges brought against the officer for civil rights violations. The investigator will help our client file complaint in addition to getting our client in touch with our Attorney’s so our client can get some representation on how to proceed with a possible case.

PTPD officer or first responders, after getting a request for service from a PTPD client through PTPDs APP, the officer will accept that request and head to the clients location, via GPS coordinates to begin video taping every second on the encounter with our client and law enforcement.

After officers are done with their videotaping and the client is free to go…PTPD officer will close that request out to be paid and open himself up for another request for service from PTPD clients.

However, if PTPD officers did video tape suspected Police brutality on our client during that Police stop, PTPD officer will then upload all video tapes and sound of any altercations to the PTPD Chief back at headquarters. The tape will be reviewed by the Chief, assistant Chief.

If Chief and assistant Chief find that it does not warrant any action against the officer or officers, PTPD officer will end the video and close out the request for service from that client so that he can open himself up for another call. The client can then rate the PTPD officers response in addition, the client can leave a tip for the officer through the App.

However, if PTPD Chief and assistant Chief do find that the case does warrant pursuing some kind of action against the officer because of any police abuse at the scene that was captured on video, the Chief will then hand the file over to our In-house PTPD Investigator.

After the investigator receives a file from the Chief of suspected police brutality of one of our clients PTPD Investigator will gather all information regarding the abuse…He/she will talk to the officer who captured the abuse. He/She will talk to our client. He/she will read the PTPDs officers report to get an understanding of what transpired. He/she will watch the video also. Once the Investigator completes their review they will then meet the local Chief of Police to try and get some kind of reprimand of the officer; write up, suspension, fired and charges brought. If over some time the local POLICE Chief does not take any action against the officer or officers then PTPD will plaster the officers abuse of our client all over the internet, social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, you name it, in order to provide pressure on the department Chief to take some kind of action against the officer or officers for the abuse of our client.

PTPD Investigators will be also be task with finding out everything they can about the officer who is suspected of violating our clients civil rights via his social media accounts. We will employ tactics such as doxxing..."Doxxing"; *search for and publish private or identifying racist information about (a particular police officer) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

PTPD Investigators will also do real background checks on LAPD officers and Sheriff's to find things LAPD may have missed or decided to overlook for what ever reason.

Join Us! Help us stop the abuse and killing of unarmed black and brown citizens.